Vintage House with Pool in Glendale 

Welcome to a cinematic oasis nestled in the heart of Glendale – a vintage house that transcends time, offering a captivating canvas for filmmakers seeking a rich tapestry of aesthetics and atmospheres. This 3000-square-foot haven boasts three filmable bedrooms, each with its own distinctive charm, setting the stage for a myriad of storytelling possibilities.

As you step into this timeless abode, you’ll be immediately enveloped by its unique and colorful design, a visual feast that adds character and depth to every frame. The living room, adorned with large windows that invite natural light to dance within, features an iconic piano, ready to accompany the unfolding narratives. It’s a space where vintage meets contemporary, offering a perfect backdrop for a range of cinematic genres.

The elegant dining room, graced by a half-round window, exudes sophistication and grace. A setting where characters can engage in intimate conversations or grand gatherings, this room is a versatile jewel in the cinematic crown of this vintage house.

Venture outside, and you’ll discover a quiet front yard and a backyard that embraces tranquility. The presence of a sparkling swimming pool adds an extra layer of allure, providing filmmakers with the opportunity to capture both serene moments and vibrant poolside scenes within the same location.

What truly sets this vintage house apart is its ability to transform seamlessly, offering filmmakers a diverse array of looks within the confines of a single dwelling. Whether you seek the warmth of a bygone era or the contemporary vibes of today, this location unfolds like a cinematic kaleidoscope, accommodating a multitude of visual narratives.

Step into the enchanting world of this Glendale vintage house – where every room tells a story, and every corner invites the magic of filmmaking to unfold.

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