Executive Office & Recording Studio in Glendale 

Welcome to a cinematic haven in the heart of Glendale – a film studio that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic allure, providing filmmakers with a versatile playground for creativity. This state-of-the-art facility, strategically designed to cater to the diverse needs of the entertainment industry, stands as a testament to the convergence of artistry and technical prowess.

As you step into this dynamic space, you’re greeted by a meticulously crafted film studio equipped to bring any vision to life. On the second floor, two executive offices offer not only a commanding view of the creative landscape but also serve as thematic backdrops themselves. The first office, adorned with warm wood walls, exudes a timeless charm, while the second office, boasting expansive windows, invites natural light to illuminate its surroundings. Step outside, and you’ll find open spaces ready to transform into any setting required for your narrative – from bustling urban environments to serene outdoor landscapes.

Venture down to the first floor, and you’ll discover a fully functional recording studio, complete with soundproof walls that ensure the highest audio quality for your projects. This studio serves as a hub for capturing the essence of sound, providing filmmakers with the tools to weave an auditory tapestry that complements the visual storytelling.

The facility goes beyond the essentials, offering a range of dedicated spaces to enhance the filmmaking process. A showroom awaits, ready to showcase props and set pieces, while a pristine white room stands as a blank canvas for directors to paint their visual narratives. The Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe (HMU) room provides a dedicated space for artists to work their magic, ensuring that characters come to life on screen.

To complement this cinematic oasis, a private parking lot welcomes up to 10-15 cars, offering convenience and accessibility for cast and crew. This studio is not merely a space; it’s a collaborative environment where imagination meets technical precision, inviting filmmakers to embark on a journey of boundless possibilities. Welcome to the future of storytelling in Glendale’s premier film studio.

Please call or email us for more details or to schedule a tour.

Tell: 626-991-5991